Terms & conditions

ARTICLE 1. Applicability
The provision of the services of GOLAZO NV and EVENTEAM LIVE ("Service Provider") in the context of BELGIUM HOUSE is made on the following terms and conditions, except for written deviations between the parties and without prejudice to any special conditions agreed in a separate agreement.

GOLAZO NV is an entity within the Golazo Group and registered in Belgium under VAT number BE 0543.703.410, with its registered office at 3583 Paal-Beringen, Schoebroekstraat 8 (Belgium), and EVENTEAM LIVE is a company under French law, with its registered office at 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt (France) and registered in the trade register under number 433 298 197.

The services of Service Provider consist of offering VIP packages and organising hospitality in the context of Belgium House. These general terms and conditions apply to the person who books a service and/or purchases tickets via the Belgium House website ( ("Customer"). They take precedence over all contrary and contradictory conditions of the Customer, even if they are communicated subsequently.

These terms and conditions take precedence over and are supplemented by the terms and conditions as stated on the invoice of Service Provider.

They shall be deemed to have been accepted by the Customer subject to his written and reasoned registered protest within five calendar days of receipt. Any possible nullity of one of the present provisions shall not affect the applicability of the remaining provisions.

ARTICLE 2. Unilateral change
Service Provider reserves the right to change these terms and conditions unilaterally. It will notify the Customer of this in writing. The Customer has the right to terminate the agreement free of charge within 30 days of notification of this change. If not, he shall be deemed to agree to the amended general terms and conditions.

ARTICLE 3. Order - offer
The agreement between Service Provider and Customer only comes into effect after the order by the Customer and after payment as stipulated in article 6 of these terms and conditions.

ARTICLE 4. Intellectual property
Service Provider remains the sole holder of the intellectual property rights of its creations and organisations. Any delivery remains the property of Service Provider until full payment of the price.

ARTICLE 5. Price
The prices invoiced by Service Provider are shown in euros, not including taxes. Prices are always exclusive of VAT, unless expressly stated otherwise. The exchange risk is borne by the Customer.

In the event of an increase in the price of certain products or services over which the Service Provider itself has no influence, the prices may be adjusted accordingly.

ARTICLE 6. Payment
Services must always be paid for in advance and through the online payment system. The order is valid only after payment in full.

Service Provider believes to have taken all possible and relevant precautions and thus acts as a normal and careful online seller. Any theft may therefore not be invoked against it.

ARTICLE 7. Right of withdrawal
The services covered by the services referred to in Art. VI, 53, 12 ° WER of which the right of withdrawal is excluded.

ARTICLE 8. Cancellation of order
Any cancellation of the order by the Customer must be in writing. It shall be valid only with the written acceptance of the Service Provider, which shall not be obliged to do so at any time.

ARTICLE 9. Force Majeure - Cancellation - Liability
Service Provider shall only be liable for a failure attributable to it, to the extent such liability has not been expressly excluded or limited in these general terms and conditions. The total liability of Service Provider is in any case limited to compensation of direct damage (excluding indirect damage) and can never exceed the value of the service provided, being the price that is the subject of the agreement.

Liability in case of force majeure is excluded. Force majeure means any circumstance beyond the control of Service Provider, which prevents it (even temporarily) from performing its obligations in full or in part. This includes (non-exhaustive), non-delivery or late delivery or errors by suppliers or other third parties engaged, instructions, decisions or interventions of any kind by public, administrative or regulatory services ("fait du Prince"), terrorism or threat of terrorism, weather conditions (such as extreme heat, thunderstorms, storms, squalls, floods, etc. ), fire, riot, war or threat of war, insurrection, epidemic, pandemic (such as COVID-19), state of quarantine, failures in a (telecommunications) network or connection or communication systems used, disturbances on public roads, blockades, strikes or lock-outs, demonstrations and other disruptive disturbances. Force majeure also includes the cancellation of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games by the IOC and/or cancellation of Belgium House by the BOIC, as a result of which the services cannot take place.

Cases of force majeure do not entitle you to any refund of the ticket ordered or any other form of compensation. Any other costs incurred in connection with the event, such as service and administration fees, will not be refunded.

ARTIKEL 10. Health and safety precautions
Service Provider has taken the necessary health and safety measures for the event, which may be subject to changes due to government measures. The Customer declares to strictly observe and follow the measures in force, which may be adapted by the organiser at any time to the circumstances and rules and government measures in force at that time.

The Customer is recommended not to attend the event in case of symptoms that may indicate COVID-19 or any other virus, such as feeling flu-like, fever, cough, shortness of breath, runny nose or unusual tiredness.

ARTICLE 11. Complaints
No complaint on the services will be accepted if it is not addressed by registered letter to GOLAZO NV, Schoebroekstraat 8, 3583 Beringen, or to EVENTEAM LIVE, 75 Ter, rue du Point du Jour, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, within a period of 8 days after the execution of the services or discovery of any defect. Failing this, the services will be deemed accepted.

ARTICLE 12. Duties
Service Provider makes every effort to fulfil its contractual obligations and the Customer's expectations. However, it can only be bound by an obligation of means.

ARTICLE 13. Personal data
Service Provider shall ensure that any processing of personal data in performance of the Agreement is done in full compliance with applicable Belgian and European legislation and within the territory of the European Union. For a detailed explanation on processing of personal data, Service Provider refers to the privacy statement.

ARTICLE 14. Solidarity
In case of multiple customers, they are jointly and severally liable for their various obligations and they are supposed to have done away with the benefits of division and dispute.

ARTICLE 15. Implementation modalities
The transport risk and the postage and delivery costs are exclusively borne by the Client.

ARTICLE 16. Execution period
Only the deadlines indicated in writing by the Service Provider are binding. These deadlines will in any case be extended in case of force majeure, modification of the order by the Customer, delay in the transmission of information and/or documents by the Customer or delay in payment.

ARTICLE 17. Applicable law
The agreements between Service Provider and the Customer are subject to Belgian law. All disputes fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the jurisdiction of Antwerp, Hasselt division.
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